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Group Workshops

Group workshops are a fun and efficient way to learn presentation skills. Most of our workshops are structured in convenient two-hour blocks and designed for small groups, so that each participant can experience hands-on coaching. Group workshops consist of lecture material, group exercises, and individual coaching.

Here are descriptions of our most popular workshops:

Public Speaking Basics

Successful business professionals understand and utilize good public speaking techniques in all of their communication interactions, including large presentations and individual meetings. Class material will cover basics such as anxiety management, body language, eye contact, and audience connection. The group exercises will help participants engage more effective body language, and the individual coaching will focus on content selection and anxiety management.

Storytelling Techniques

Speakers who use effective storytelling techniques are better able to inspire and connect with their audience. The class will start with a discussion of why humans have always loved stories and why stories are an extremely effective method of communicating. Class exercises will help students present a presentation as a story by finding the 'plot' of any presentation, portraying the characters in a more intriguing manner, and using the elements of suspense and conflict in a way that is appropriate for a professional presentation.

Sales Presentation Training

This class breaks down the sales process into three parts: The Pre-Presentation Discussion, The Presentation, and The Close. The class will explore what happens during each part and what communication skills the salesperson needs. The class will include group and individual exercises to help students develop the communications skills they need to be successful at each point in the sales process.

Improvisation for Business People

Improvisational acting entails actors creating theatrical scenes spontaneously. Business professionals who practice improv develop a better ability to hear and respond to the needs of their clients during a professional dialogue. Participants will also benefit from exercises that encourage creativity, spontaneity, and teamwork. The class will be a combination of lecture and group exercises designed for beginners.

Presenting Technical Data

This workshop will help participants effectively present complicated data in a compelling, understandable way. We commonly work with engineers, computer technicians, and entrepreneurs to adapt their presentation style for a general audience. Course content includes effective use of visual aids, choice of organizational style, using persuasion, and properly articulating conclusions. Group exercises and individual coaching will be used to reinforce lecture material.

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