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At The Art of Presentation Consulting Company (APCC), we've helped clients in many industries with all types of presentation needs.  

Here are a few of the services we offer to businesses and individuals:

Consulting for Important Presentations

Maybe you have an upcoming presentation to shareholders, a pitch to a potential client, a new product launch announcement, or a regulatory hearing. We can help you improve your style, confidence, content, and visual aids.

General Presentation Training

People who give effective presentations instill confidence in their clients and co-workers, help projects run more efficiently, and become more confident and capable advocates for their company.

As important as presentations are, few companies spend time training employees to be effective presenters. APCC offers training courses as short as two hours that can help you or your employees immensely.

Sales Presentation Training

A sales presentation has a specific goal and requires specific techniques. At APCC, few things give us more satisfaction than helping clients use our techniques to achieve clear and tangible results. We can train you on all aspects of sales and help you execute the techniques effectively.

Written Communication Training

Writing quick, clear, and concise documents can save vast amounts of time and energy. Strong writers also become more adept at working efficiently and learn to more fluently express their opinions.  

Some professionals will benefit from our two-hour overview course, and others will benefit from more intensive written communication training.

Branding and other Marketing Development

How you present something is invariably connected with what you present. At the APCC, we realize that message development is sometimes necessary before a presentation can reach its potential. We draw on marketing, sales, and other business expertise to help you formulate the best content.

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